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Tussie Mussies & the Language of Flowers
Friday, February 14, 1-3pm


Instructor: Betsy Williams

A Tussie Mussie is a hand-held bouquet made with fresh flowers and fragrant herbs. Each flower and herb in the bouquet carries a special message in the symbolic language of flowers. Made with roses, border carnations, rosemary and other herbs and flowers, tussie mussies are fragrant, beautiful and easy to make. Learn the secret messages flowers can convey and how the language of flowers has been used in the past. Students will be instructed on how to make a hand-held bouquet and then design a Tussie Mussie of their own. The finished Tussie Mussies can be decorated with colorful ribbons and a delicate tulle collar.

Please bring an apron and scissors to class. Fee includes materials.

Betsy Williams teaches, lectures and writes about living with herbs and flowers. A gardener and herb grower since 1972, Betsy trained as a florist in Boston and England. She combines her floral and gardening skills with an extensive knowledge of history, plant lore and seasonal celebrations. Betsy is the author of several books on the uses and stories of herbs and flowers. She has appeared on the Discovery Channel and greater Boston cable stations as well as local and national radio talk shows. Betsy lectures and teaches locally and nationally.

Single class scheduled on 2/14/2020 at 1:00PM
Attendees: 1 $ 60.00 ea.
Attendees: 1 $ 74.00 ea.