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CANCELED: Color, Contrast and Movement
Sunday, July 14, 1-3 p.m.

Instructor: Karen Bussolini

A truly satisfying garden is much more than just a bunch of nice plants. Do you stress about making pleasing plant combinations? Are you bored or dissatisfied with your garden but can't quite figure out why? Gardens should be creative and fun. Think about how you would put together a really interesting dinner party. You want guests - and plants - to interact and carry on a conversation, not just sit there next to each other.

Learn how to put plants together in exciting ways, from gifted gardeners across the country. See how the experts use color, texture, form and other elements to harmonize or contrast. Explore building on this basic visual vocabulary to create lively conversations, more complex schemes. Once we dig into plants that move or appear to move you will know how get your garden not just talking, but dancing with delight. After the photographic presentation we will take a few plants out into the gardens and see what kind of plant combo conversations we can discover.

Karen Bussolini is a lifelong hands-on organic gardener and lover of nature. Trained as a painter and well-schooled in the art of seeing, her garden photography, talks and writing reflect the world seen through her artist's eye. She has photographed six books, including "The Homeowner's Complete Tree and Shrub Handbook", "The Naturescaping Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Bringing Nature to Your Backyard" and "Elegant Silvers", which she also co-authored. Karen's photo-rich talks have people laughing and learning from coast to coast. Her email newsletter, "Eco-Friendly News, Views, Clues and How-To's" and her garden coaching practice teach homeowners how to create healthy yards that are resilient and full of life, diversity and delight. Learn more about her at www.karenbussolini.com.